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Sanjit Train of Hope


People often talk about life changing experiences – changing jobs, getting married, getting divorced etc. I personally thought it’s just life, until I experienced the most devastating life altering experience. In October 2017, I lost my son through illness – my only child. It took some time to register, but all I knew was that, I was too afraid to fall into a state of depression. I jumped straight into work to keep my mind busy. I served in the South African Police services for 27 years and after my sons passing, I joined my husband in business. It was devastating, some days more excruciating than others. I knew I could not go on like this. There had to be a way to help ease my pain. My son had a huge personality and the most giving heart. My husband and I decided that his life should not go unnoticed and we need to show the world who he was and we did that by starting a foundation in his name called the “Sanjit Train of Hope.” 

We began our first project at a creche. They were about to close their doors due to a lack of facilities. They had no mattresses to sleep on and no cooking facilities. Our foundation had assisted them. Whilst doing these projects, the joy was indescribable. 


People view loss as an obstacle and yes it definitely can be, but our time has not been called yet. So what do we do with this time? We need to live and find joy that everyone so richly deserves. 

There is no natural order of life. There is no unfairness in terms of what we are dished out. Our paths are all different, but leading up to the same destination. We need to live and fulfil our dreams and aspirations in the best way possible. 

About The Author

Roshni Pakkiree served 27 years in the South African Police Services and now an entrepreneur who has focused on corporate social investments. To this end, she has received an honourary doctorate for her contributions to society.